Who is making money out of our gullibility?

SIR - On clearing our water-damaged paperwork recently, I came across a cutting from a national newspaper dated 3/1/2005 headed “Britain’s shameful record on health and crime.”

It could have been written yesterday. We have the same number of MPs we had then, but we haven’t pushed the agenda forward one iota.

Perhaps that has always been the object of the exercise as far as those in charge of the system that exists are concerned. One can only conclude that we are incredibly naive/gullible or are a pushover as far as selling us anything, be it outsourcing, statistics or a new idea are concerned.

The BBC continually sings its own praises, but they do their best to influence us to their way of thinking instead of just reporting the facts. This morning on the Today programme in its first hour, I was appalled (but not surprised) to hear a school headmaster complaining he had to contact a firm in the north of the country if he wanted to alter the temperature within the school, or a firm in California if he wanted to alter the school computer system.

This item was not repeated between the 7am-9am programme (although this is the norm). He didn’t say, but my experience of dealing with a large company with a workforce outsourced to another country is you dial an 087 number where an automatic answering system tells you that your call is important to them, so much so that a quarter of an hour later, you’re still hanging on!

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Somebody is making money out of our naivety.

S M Nutton, North Devon.

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