Who could do this?

My wife and I regularly walk our dog on Instow Beach in the early mornings. We are not averse to picking up debris and litter, the odd plastic bottle or food wrapper left by the previous day’s beach users.

But what greeted our eyes on Monday morning (July 16) was beyond comprehension or belief. The whole entrance opposite The Instow Arms/Wayfarer on the beach was littered with pieces, shards and lumps of broken glass.

It would appear from the various colours and thicknesses of glass that numerous bottles and drinking glasses had been smashed, probably on the wall and scattered or kicked on to the sand, thereby removing any suggestion it could have been accidental.

We feared that if nothing was done immediately, serious results could follow – youngsters and adults walking without shoes on the beach, or even dogs running could all easily fall foul of the situation.

We therefore set about on our hands and knees for over 30 minutes, trying to clear up the mess some moronic simpleton had left behind without a second thought for the health or welfare of others.

If the person(s) responsible read this letter, perhaps they could reply and let me know just what enjoyment they got out of it.

Or was it a case, like so many other things in our “modern society”, of knowing that someone else would clear up their mess.

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John Howard


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