Where was the debate?

Torridge District Council’s (TDC) planning committee – already notorious for unfathomable decision-making gave ‘two fingers’ to the democratic will of North Devon, and approved the council planner’s report to support the Atlantic Array.

Ah you might think, that’s after the cut and thrust of powerful debate… oh that’s what I had hoped for… if only!

The council can choose whether it takes notice or not of public representations despite the promised ‘Localism Act’ – as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

This would explain why so many councillors’ body language betrayed a total disinterest when the ‘low-life’ of Torridge, the public and representatives of other bodies, had the sheer audacity to represent their views.

Ten out of 13 representations were objections – and of the three pro the Array, two people represented the developer and hence had a huge personal financial interest.

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The one other gentleman was kind enough to suggest anyone older than himself shouldn’t have an opinion worthy of consideration.

Then, ignoring the previously seconded proposal to object to the Array, TDC councillors voted to support the Array.

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To howls of derision from the public, the meeting dispersed in uproar.

Paul Mills


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