From today (Monday, June 8) the paper counterpart of your driving licence will no longer be valid. Find out more here...

The paper counterpart of your photocard driving licence will become invalid today (Monday).

In the biggest change to driving licences in 20 years, the paper licence will no longer be issued by the DVLA.

But how does this affect you?

Is my driving licence still valid?

There will be no change to the current photocard or paper driving licence.

If you have a paper licence issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998, this is still valid.

What should I do with my paper counterpart?

Your paper counterpart is now invalid and should be destroyed.

What if I need to renew or change my driving licence?

If for any reason you need to update your name, address, or renew your licence, you paper driving licence will be replaced with just a photocard.

How can I check my details?

You can check your driving licnece details using the free View Driving Licence service,

This will show which vehicles you can drive, and any penalty points.

Why did I have a paper counterpart?

The counterpart was originally introduced in 1998 to display driving licence details that could not be included on the photocard licence.

These details include some vehicle categories you are entitled to drive and any endorsement/penalty points.

Need more information?

The DVLA has published official guidelines online on its website where you will also find a link to the online vehicle tax status check.