What am I to tell my grandchildren?

How sad I was to read in your letters page of No2Turbines’ determination to fight wind farm development in the North Devon and Torridge area.

Where exactly do they intend to get their power from? What kind of energy infrastructure are they going to leave in place for future generations?

When will they wake up to the fact that whilst they are happily burning fossil fuels and uranium they are changing the climate for centuries to come and leaving a legacy that it’s almost impossible to get rid of.

Their conjecture that the overwhelming opinion is against the turbines is plainly wrong.

If a public consultation is attended by 500 people and 400 are against and 100 in favour, this is not an overwhelming majority simply because the other 4,000 members of the community have decided to stay at home instead.

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The fact is that these people are far and away the majority, and they must fall into the “we don’t mind” category.

If they minded, they would have come out and voiced an opinion.

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So what we actually have are two vociferous minorities of different sizes.

As to the output of the turbines, they are wrong again.

The energy produced to the number of homes ratio is calculated on the basis of the average energy produced from a turbine over a set period (some windy times some calm ones) against the average energy used by a home over a similar period.

If next year is really windy, more homes will be powered; if it’s calmer then fewer.

Finally, their mention of subsidies – just how much subsidy do they imagine the nuclear industry has had?

I don’t want to be the one in 2030 who’s having to explain to my grandchildren why foreign-sourced energy costs an absolute fortune.

Or, worse, why the lights have gone out, and why they’re paying substantial taxes to clean up the mess – and all because some shortsighted people thought the countryside looked at its best in the 1930s. It really is time to start building for the future.

Stephen Tindall


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