Westward No!

Why is it the opinions of Westward Ho! are always ignored?

Once again a development has been passed by the planning officers, namely the Avon Lane Tennis Club, with house and bungalows.

Most residents did not want this club to move as there has always been a tennis club in the village, but the members wanted better facilities. So why put houses when bungalows would have suited better?

Then we have the debacle of the Burrows gate at Westward Ho!, which was closed at the busiest and best weekend of the year so far.

We have been told by Torridge councillors that the gate will close at the end of the year and eventually a car park will be made inside the gate, which the majority of people think is a waste of money and will bring nothing to the village.

This gateway is used all year round by surfers, swimmers, dog walkers and families who like to sit by their cars and enjoy the Burrows.

Closure of this gate will ease congestion on the Sandymere gate and road, causing bigger danger to the users of the football club, stables, and not forgetting the two schools in this road.

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Now there is a rumour around the village that Tesco Express may be coming.

This would be the death knell to the excellent shops we have in the village – you only have to see the effect on other places where this has been allowed.

Please, councillors and planning officers, take notice of your electorate who voted for you and also pay your wages through our taxes.

TA Clarke

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