Westward Ho! residents have restored a damaged sign at the village park.

The 'Welcome to the Park' sign at the village green was discovered vandalised on New Year's Day.

But supporters of the park - who are fighting to stop housing being built there - have now replaced it.

Stewart Makeig-Jones, who constructed the original sign, said: WThe first thought was not to put up a replacement sign because of the uncertainty.

"However the community made it clear that we're made of sterner stuff and that the sign is a symbol that the park remains open for leisure and pleasure.

The damaged sign at Westward Ho! parkThe damaged sign at Westward Ho! park

"So, as a result of a team effort, and it would be invidious to highlight particular individuals, who provided materials, and undertook digging and concreting tasks, I am delighted to report that we have a brand new sign.

"It just goes to show the level of commitment and enthusiasm that Westward Ho! has for its park."