An extraordinary full council meeting is being held on Monday (October 1) to discuss a 4,000-strong petition to save Westward Ho! park.

Torridge District Council (TDC) will meet to discuss the petition handed to the council on June 18.

The petition by park campaigners is asking the council not to build on the park off Avon Road and to transfer the ownership to Northam Town Council.

In March TDC’s community and resources committee voted to progress with a planning application to build houses on the site.

These plans have been submitted by Atlantic Racquet Centre and are pending a decision.

A report to the council meeting said it would ‘not be lawful’ to decide on the petition at the meeting.

Officers recommend councillors agree to take no action on the petition, or comission further investigation into the matter.

Campaigners are urging as many people as possible to turn up and support them at the public meeting.

Councillors Peter Christie and David Brenton have also submitted a motion to the meeting that TDC do not sell any part of the park.

The full council meeting will take place at 6.30pm on Monday, October 1, in Bideford Town Hall.