A Westward Ho! businessman who hit national headlines for leasing a car park and making it free to use is now making it ‘twice as free’.

Rob Braddick leased the car park next to Seafield House in May 2016 for 50 years, and made it completely free to use.

Following the success of this, Mr Braddick successfully applied for planning permission to double the small car park.

Work has now commenced on the site to increase the parking spaces from 18 to 45.

He said: "Due to the overwhelming success of this free car park over the last two years, I'm closing it from November 5 for a short while to make it bigger, yes bigger, or as I like to call it 'twice as free'."

The Pier House owner added: "This means that now even more of the community and public can park for free, stroll into Westward Ho, walk the dog, go surfing or pop into The Pier House for a coffee or pint (still not free!)"

The car park is due to reopen in around a week's time, and will continue to be free for all to use.