West Buckland School is sending care packages out to recent leavers who are currently in lockdown in university halls.

The school’s alumni association has arranged for the boxes, which contain treats and messages of support, to be sent to former school pupils at universities across the UK.

As well as treats such as chocolates and shortbread, the boxes contain items of stationary and a personalised, hand-written card with offers of support and good wishes.

The school OWBA (Old West Buckland Association) has already sent out over 40 boxes, with many more due to go out in the coming days.

Director of the OWBA, Amanda Reynolds, was moved to act following news stories of students being in lockdown and isolation for weeks on end.

She said: “With university students having to minimise social contact and lectures and seminars being taught online, we wanted our 2020 school leavers to know we were thinking of them.

“Our signature home-baked shortbread biscuits complete with school logo will bring back happy memories of their time at West Buckland.

“We have also put them in touch – via social media – with former WBS students at the same university, in higher years, so they don’t feel quite so isolated.”

“As an organisation, we are about maintaining the unique bond between West Buckland School and our amazing alumni. Our purpose is to provide a network of support and mentoring and now, more than ever, our job is to be there for these amazing young people as they leave home for the first time to forge exciting and fulfilling careers.”