Two West Buckland School students who have both been at the school since Year 3, have joined an exclusive club of only 730 in the country, in achieving a full-house of 9s in their GCSE exams.

West Buckland students celebrate their GCSE results. Picture: West Buckland SchoolWest Buckland students celebrate their GCSE results. Picture: West Buckland School

Hollie Crosbie and Emma Rawicz-Szczerbo, who got straight 9/A*s, have both come up through West Buckland from the Prep school.

Another 23 per cent of students achieving all 9-7/A*-A grades. In total, 53.1 per cent of all grades were passed at 9-7/A*-A, with more than 16 per cent of grades awarded at grade 9 (four times the national average).

Although most subjects were marked under the new numerical scale of 9-1, a few subjects remained under the old A*-E system.

Hollie will be entering the West Buckland Sixth Form and Emma has been offered a place at the prestigious Chethams School of Music in Manchester.

This follows her being selected for the Junior Guildhall last year, to study clarinet, and the school was delighted to support her regular trips to London for rehearsals.

There were other notable results, including Fiona Corrick, Edmund Colville, Jerry Chu and Daniil Chernyshov who achieved all 9-8/A*.

Headmaster Phillip Stapleton feels the new grade system suits West Buckland’s style of teaching.

He said: “At West Buckland we encourage students to build on the knowledge given to them, not simply regurgitate facts.

“The new GCSE examinations suit our approach to learning and I am delighted for all our students who have achieved at or above expectations and therefore secured the opportunity to begin their next chapter.

“These results represent an important step in the students’ educational journey and I am delighted that many have achieved excellent grades.

“Emma and Hollie’s achievement, in gaining 9s in all subjects is extraordinary and sets them among the best in the country, however their success should not overshadow the achievement and application of all our staff and students.”