The notorious West Buckland junction on the North Devon Link Road could see improvements to reduce collisions.

The North Devon HATOC committee today (Tuesday) went against officer recommendations to leave the junction as it is, opting to look at creating a deceleration lane instead.

Campaigners in East and West Buckland have long called for safety measures after compiling a database of accidents and near misses. But Devon County Council had said its record of two collisions with slight injuries at the junction from 2009-2013 was not enough evidence to improve it.

After discussion, with several members mentioning their own ‘near misses’ at the junction, councillors voted to explore the option of a new lane to help slow the traffic down as it turned off.

Debbie Loat, co-ordinator for the West Buckland Junction Campaign, spoke at the meeting and said after: “Our research on near misses at this junction has suggested this would be the best option for reducing accidents.

“Almost all the near misses that we know about have been caused by impatient drivers overtaking a car as it turns left towards West Buckland. This is sadly very frequent.

“We are grateful to the council for taking the time to consider our concerns. We have taken one more step forward and we really hope a deceleration lane in due course will become a reality.”