Well done on Knapp

I was very pleased to see that the proposed development at Knapp House was rejected. Well done to the councillors who voted to refuse the application.

I believe upwards of 4,000 houses are planned for the Bideford area. I do not believe this is desirable or necessary.

I fear for the future of the local woods, some of which are already under attack.

Good agricultural land will also be lost. The birds and other creatures that live in those woods and fields will lose their homes. Imagine if we were to lose our homes.

Furthermore, I do not believe it is of benefit to the tourist industry. A lot of holidaymakers come to this area because it is relatively unspoilt. They do not come here to see a replica of where they’ve come from.

I sincerely hope that those councillors who have a say in how much development takes place in the Bideford locality will stand up for the immediate countryside.

If they do not then Bideford is in danger of, far from being the little white town, becoming a big urban sprawl.

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Edmund Ousley


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