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'Award winning Waitrose will work' in Torrington, says another Great Torrington pensioner.

'Award winning Waitrose will work' in Torrington, says another Great Torrington pensioner. - Credit: Archant

I think the Torrington pensioner is being short-sighted with their comments and missed the opportunity to reference shops closing (“Waitrose will see our shops close”, Opinion, February 26).

It is the recently opened German supermarket selling cheap food which is well used by locals and why the shops are worried.

Award-winning Waitrose will work with the quality shops in the town, not against them – they also generously give money to local charities and give parking concessions.

What I have seen of Waitrose in other towns, they bring foot soldiers in too – just look at Holsworthy, no empty shops!

Maybe if people parked correctly on the way into the town there would be no congestion because Waitrose lorries do not enter the Square.

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As for the lovely views, why was it only 64 people objected to the large wind turbine in Taddiport, which will be seen from the car park and which will ruin the view and wildlife.

The Waitrose store will be a low-profile building on former scrubland. Great Torrington has suffered years from the smelly meat factory and a lot of Devonians still talk about it to this day and would not come here.

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Great Torrington is up and coming and needs a quality store to lift the spirits and bring in much needed 150 jobs and regeneration into the town.

Once here, who knows, someone might want to regenerate the old dairy into something looking better.

We need to think of the children of the future not live in the past.

The town needs to be open a full six days a week with lots of shoppers.

Great Torrington Pensioner

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