A weather warning for snow and ice has been issued by The Met Office across North Devon on Friday and Saturday.

It could snow in North Devon this week, the Met Office has revealed.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in place across Devon for the whole of Friday and Saturday.

Higher ground is more likely to see some of the white stuff, with 2-5cm possible.

Scotland the North are likely to be worst hit, but the warning stretches down the western side of the country.

Met Office deputy chief forecaster, Chris Bulmer, said: “On Friday conditions will be cold enough for any showers that we do see to fall as snow across the country.

“The most frequent showers and greatest risk of snow settling, which may cause disruption, will be for areas exposed to a north to northwesterly winds.

“There is still some uncertainty regarding the precise wind direction later in the week and this will be key to determining where the largest snow accumulations will be.”

Despite the cold, many central and southern parts should still see a good deal of dry and sunny weather.

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