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It is rather sad that Bob Geels, in his recent letter (“Keep an eye on the ravens”, Opinion, May 22) should criticise those in the electorate who did not vote for the three main parties in the recent county elections.

Democracy is about voting for who you wish, without fear of retribution from those who are seeking election.

Let us not forget that millions died in World War Two to defend those rights against the Nazi hordes.

The United Kingdom Independence Party is actually more democratic than the three establishment parties (Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrats) with regards to the European Union.

All UKIP is advocating is that the electors of our great country be given their democratic right to vote whether they wish to remain in that union, or leave.

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This is something the other parties have deprived the electorate of for the past 38 years, even though numerous treaties (Maastricht, Lisbon) have moved us closer and closer towards the federalist goal of a United States of Europe.

Derek Sargent

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