We need this development

The plans described in this week’s Gazette for Brunswick Wharf certainly look interesting and the proposals will be attractive to many (“Alfresco plan for wharves”, June 19, front page).

That area (like other parts of Bideford) is in serious need of development and is a prime spot for public entertainment and particularly valuable in the evenings as that’s where the sun shines.

So the proposed cafe culture, bars, etc, will surely become a great asset.

However, like so many other project plans aired in the local press, they are just plans and, once the noisy “us don’t need/want that” brigade get vocal, will probably fade away like so many others before. I despair of the prevailing attitude that things are OK as they are and hope that this project, like McDonald’s/Premier Inn, comes to fruition and makes the town a more attractive one to visit and a better place to live in.

Moreover, these projects create jobs, which is of paramount importance to those people not yet on pensions.

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