We need real consultation

Last year, like many other concerned local residents, I completed a form regarding the future of the Burrows.

It was a tick box survey of 27 questions, amongst which was: “Do you support the development of a car park at the Westward Ho! end of the Burrows?”

Of the 306 people who responded to the questionnaire 128 answered “Yes” to this question, 123 answered “No”, and of the remaining 55 people, 20 answered “Don’t know” and 35 didn’t answer at all.

I don’t think Torridge District Council have any idea how much that entrance is used throughout the remainder of the year, especially during the winter months, when it is used by many surfers, dog walkers, kite buggyers, etc.

On such a huge issue regarding the closure of the vehicular access to the Westward Ho! end of the Burrows, I feel this is an extremely narrow margin on which to base such a drastic change.

This specific matter should be subject to a proper consultation in its own right and not hidden away amongst a plethora of other questions.

The current debacle regarding the closure of this gate is sheltering behind the issue of “health and safety”, but I cannot help the suspicion that once this gate is closed again after its 10-day reprieve, it will remain closed so that TDC can continue with its plan.

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A copy of this letter is being sent to Torridge District Council, who currently own Northam Burrows, and to Northam Town Council, who hold the “Lord of the Manor” title.

Polly Creighton

Westward Ho!

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