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Excellent three-page article (“Islanders ‘fearful’ over Array Plans”, Gazette, August 15).

It made fascinating reading. We are all fearful of what would happen if this appalling scheme goes ahead. But it won’t, because we, the people of North Devon are going to prevent that from happening!

RWE like nothing more than to hear negative thoughts, such as “it’s a done deal” and “there’s nothing we can do to stop it.” Not true – there’s plenty we can do and are doing.

Save Our Marine Mammals (SOMM) have already written to various individuals in the European Commission in Brussels.

RWE have their “private meetings” and we are having ours, with all sorts of influential individuals! We are already taking advice from environmental solicitors. Multinational companies can sometimes be ruthless.

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Lundy Island, our coastline, our whales, dolphins and porpoises belong to us all. I am positive we will rise to any challenge necessary to protect them.

Not everying in this life is about economics and making money. Always remember – RWE staff are PAID to say & think the way they do.

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We have the advantage: we really believe and are passionate about protecting what we have here in North Devon.

May I apologise in advance if my views give irritation. However, I am not interested in receiving screeds of emails regarding how we can “mitigate” the effects of these proposals – or even alternatives to where this horrendous scheme could be sited.

My time is devoted to stopping it “dead in the water”. Nothing else.

Certainly, they would not site it further out because it would not be economic – it would cost too much money.

SOMM have written to various parish, district and county councils as well as all the big “green” organizations because we feel we have a democratic right to hear their views on this.

I read that Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) want everyone’s support in their campaign regarding “protecting the waves”. But where does SAS stand on this proposal?

There are now three main groups fighting this proposal, not including the Welsh campaigners who I am working closely with.

If you haven’t already done so, contact one of them; get involved; please do your bit. We can win this battle – losing is just not an option.

Joanne Bell

Press officer, Save Our Marine Mammals


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