The battle for the North Devon parliamentary seat is hotting up after today’s county council election results, with excitment from the standing candidates.

The general election battle is heating up after today’s county council election results.

While today’s results were all about Devon County Council, in North Devon battlelines were already being drawn for the general election next month.

Conservative candidate Peter Heaton-Jones came to the count to support candidates, and seemed confident about his election campaign.

He said he was pleased with the outcome, but this might not be a reflection on the upcoming election in June.

He said: “I am not sure that there is much that you can do to extrapolate across today’s result to what’s going to happen in five weeks’ time in the general election.

“I think they are very different elections; people vote on very different lines, they don’t necessarily vote on party lines on local elections.”

Liberal Democrat Brian Greenslade has been a county councillor for 32 years – and now he has been voted in again, he’ll be adding an extra four to that tally.

He said: “I’ve been here for 32 years, and every time with a bigger majority, so I’m very grateful for that and obviously I’ll do my best for the next four years to deliver for them.

“The Lib Democrats are very pleased; our vote has gone up by 57.6 per cent, compared to four years ago; that’s a very considerable increase.

“It’s a great encouragement to use facing the upcoming general elections.”

But Stuart Robinson, UKIP candidate for Ilfracombe, said: “The Liberal Democrat recovery that we were concerned about is not in evidence.”

When asked if UKIP was happy with today’s results, he said: “We’re not unhappy about it.

“Obviously we would have liked to have won more confidence in the electorate, but you know, it is as it is and at the moment the electorate is putting their faith in Theresa May.

“Whether they are right, we will see, in the fullness of time.”

UKIP general election cadidate Steve Crowther was also at the count, and said he was ‘excited’ for the battle ahead.

Ricky Kight, Green party candidate, and Mark Cann, Labour candidate, were also present at the count.