Waste not, want not

Mark Eastgate hit the nail on the head in his letter on wasting energy (“What a waste of energy!”, Opinion, October 30).

Like him I do wonder where your correspondents who criticise the Atlantic Array project expect to get their energy in the future and what their attitude is to conserving energy in their daily lives.

Certainly, as Mr Eastgate observes, there is a massive waste of energy out there – for example, leaving lights on in shops and offices at night, leaving appliances on standby, leaving shop doors open in cold weather to waste heat in to the atmosphere, or driving short distances when walking, cycling or public transport would be better for the environment.

A personal commitment to reducing carbon emissions in our lives would have a massive effect (as local campaigner Mukti Mitchell has pointed out), but we need a solid commitment from Government too.

The recent proposal to abolish the green levy is seriously misguided if we are to stand a chance of achieving significant reductions in energy use (as well as reductions in energy prices resulting from clean renewable energy and minimum dependence on expensive imported fuels).

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