Warning against overseas scams

Police are urging people to be careful with their money and personal details due to a number of overseas scams.

BIDEFORD police are warning people to be wary of various scams enticing you to part with your money.

The scams, which are often based overseas and vary from telephone calls to emails and even door-to-door callers, have a persuasive pattern of making you feel you will benefit without little effort or risk.

Common scams include being told you have won a major lottery or prize draw, you have exclusive entry to a scheme that ‘guarantees’ you money, or you have a chance to join an investment scheme that will earn you vast amounts of cash.

In a warning issued by the Bideford Police rural neighbourhood beat team, PC Dick Rowlands and PCSO John McGovern explained that scammers will be aiming to trick you into sending money upfront, giving them your bank or personal details, ringing a premium rate number, or buying something in order to collect a prize.

Residents are warned to be very careful who they give their personal details to, delete emails they are unsure of, and contact their phone company to block premium rate numbers.

Anyone who wishes to report a scam can call the police, or if you have lost money or been a victim of an overseas scam, you can call the Office of Fair Trading on (0845) 7224499.

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