A campaign to win funding to refurbish a Torrington play park is appealing for more votes.

The Calf Street Park Action Group has managed to gain more than 2,700 votes to win a slice of the Aviva Community Fund.

But they estimate they will need at least 4,000 votes and are appealing for the people of North Devon to get behind them.

Councillor and campaigner Cheryl Cottle-Hunkin said the group is hoping to win funding to completely refurbish the 'eyesore' play park in the centre of the town.

Cherly said: "At present the park is an embarrassment, an eyesore and is unfit for purpose.

"Last year the swings were taken away and have not been replaced.

"The current equipment is extremely old (the existing equipment was installed 18 years ago), instead of seeing improvements we have seen equipment removed instead."

Cheryl said families currently prefer to drive outside of the town to visit a park, and with the town growing, a refurbished play area was a top priority.

The group held a consultation in the town, the outcome of which was wholly in support of a refurbished park.

The town, district and county council have given their support to the project, with Torridge pledging £10,000 from Section 106 money and £10,000 pledges from the New Homes Bonus grant.

Fundraisers are also being held in the town to raise more money.

"The quote we have been given for the 'master plan' is £150,000," added Cheryl.

"To make this achievable, we envisage that this will need to be completed in two or three phases.

"The results of the consultation showed that climbing was by far the most popular activity across all ages, and so the focal part of the design is a large piece of climbing equipment up to seven metres high.

"There is nothing like this anywhere in the local area. T

"his will be extremely eye-catching from the road which is driven frequently, not only by locals but also tourists in the area.

"We hope that this will help to improve the footfall into the town centre, giving a boost to local shops and businesses.

"It will also have the 'wow' factor and will be challenging for the teenagers who currently have nothing suitable at the park."

To vote for the project to get funding, click here.