Volunteers needed to get Badgers going in Georgeham

THE hunt is on for helpful paws to set up a new St John Ambulance Badger Sett at Georgeham Primary School.

The children especially would love to join the youngest St John section for five to 10-year-olds, which teaches a variety of skills including First Aid plus plenty of fun, activities and trips along the way.

But before the Badgers can become a reality St John needs to find at least two adult local volunteers willing to run it on a weekly basis and has appealed for anyone interested to come forward.

Working together, headteacher Julian Thomas, local district Councillor Pat Barker and St John’s recruiters Caroline Chapman and Pam Munt are keen to lay foundations for the Badgers’ new home.

“The school is a fantastic resource to use for the group and we have been looking to extend the choices and variety of clubs there are for the children,” said Mr Thomas.

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“There is a need there and also interest from the children about joining. The difficulty we have is getting somebody to run and so we need volunteers to train up to lead the group.”

Volunteers would need to complete a one day Youth Leader course, paid for by St John Ambulance, which would also supply extra staff and support where needed.

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“The group would meet once a week for one-and-a-half hours during term time,” said Pam.

“We need two leaders to get it going but all training would be given, as well as all the support they need.”

Councillor Pat Baker — who has donated �134 to help set up the group — said the effort was a good example of the community working together: “In fact it’s not just in Georgeham – if anyone in North Devon would like to set up a Badger group, please get in touch with me.”

The badgers get to work through a variety of topics that include First Aid, Caring, Communicate, Wild, Active, Healthy, Sporty and Safety.

The aim is to gain “Super Badger” status and along the way they have fun, make new friends, gain confidence and learn team building. At ages 10 and 11 they can go on to join the St John Cadets.

Members can also get also involved in major St John events, appeals, camps, excursions and competitions.

Councillor Pat Baker said

Anyone in Georgeham willing to become a Badger Youth Leader or who would like to find put more is invited to call Pam Munt on (01271) 812163, 07816 779913 or email pamelamunt456@btinternet.com. Cllr Pat Barker can be contacted on (01271) 890021.

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