Visiting Verity...

I am writing because yesterday I spent a very enjoyable few hours in Ilfracombe, a place I have never been to before, in order to see Damien Hirst’s Verity.

From the national news, I gather there is rather a split in opinion on this piece of art, but I feel it is important to look at the much wider picture.

My husband and I drove over 80 miles to see her and – however mad some may think we are – we then spent a good couple of hours (and about �25) enjoying some of Ilfracombe’s offerings.

We enjoyed lunch at your magnificent Landmark theatre, and had a walk along the coastal path, and feel sure that there will be many, many more people in the coming years who will do the same.

Well done, those town council members who were brave enough to follow this through – your town will be well and truly on the tourist map by the time Verity shuffles off.

Cath Hine


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