Village volunteers to catch speeders

PEOPLE living on the A39 at Horns Cross are doing their bit to catch motorists breaking the 40mph speed limit through the village.

With the help of the police, they have set up a group of volunteers to run their own “speed trap.”

They have been provided with a speed gun and after some tuition in its use from PCSO John McGovern can now keep a watch on the speed of traffic whenever they think fit.

The details of vehicles breaking the speed limit will be taken down and the drivers sent warning notices together with advice on how to drive within the speed limits.

The Speed Watch programme has been set up following a village meeting called to discuss persistent speeding. A petition was also sent to MP Geoffrey Cox.

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PCSO McGovern said: “Speed Watch is a way for residents to take ownership of the problem and work in conjunction with the police. They run the scheme themselves and can operate when they want.

Volunteer Chris Wileman said five motorists were caught speeding on the first occasion they set up Speed Watch.

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Horns Cross is the first village in the Bideford area to adopt the Speed Watch approach to their traffic problems.

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