Village reaching saturation point, warns councillor

Two major planning applications outline 630 new homes for Fremington and surrounds.

A NORTH Devon Councillor has warned that a village community could reach saturation point, with plans for nearly 630 new homes on the table.

Fremington Parish Council chairman Cllr Rodney Cann, said traffic at peak times could become ‘unbearable’ for local people should plans for 350 houses at Tews lane, and a further 277 homes at the former Fremington Army Camp, get given the go-ahead.

Outline proposals for the west of Tews Lane, first revealed in the Gazette in April 2011, have now been officially submitted to North Devon Council by developer Linden Homes.

In the same week, the council has also registered Fremington Developments LLP’s amended plans for the army camp.

The Tews Lane blueprint also incorporates a new primary school and public open space, while the re-worked army camp plan includes three additional small pockets of land to accommodate the existing proposal. Plans for a bus stop alongside the cottages opposite the manor house have been dropped.

In March, Persimmon Homes and Elan Homes revealed plans for up to 900 homes at nearby Larkbear.

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Speaking to the Gazette on Monday, Mr Cann said: “Fremington is really under threat from developers.

“I am already deeply concerned about the traffic congestion at peak times and without significant highways improvements the situation is going to become unbearable for people.”

Mr Cann said that two public meetings about the army camp were being held in the parish hall on the same night, such was the interest in the development.

“Previously the hall has been completely overcrowded so the parish council will be holding meetings at 6pm and 8pm on Friday, May 18 to enable everyone to have their say. We will take a vote on the application after both meetings,” he added.

The Tews Lane application is expected to be referred to parish council members on Monday, May 14.

Both applications can be viewed at

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