Video: Ilfracombe does the Harlem Shake

Madcap fun with the Harlem Shake in the shadow of Verity's belly on Ilfarcombe Pier.

Madcap fun with the Harlem Shake in the shadow of Verity's belly on Ilfarcombe Pier. - Credit: Archant

The latest viral YouTube dance craze comes to town...

THE latest internet dance craze to hit Ilfracombe saw more than 30 hardy souls ‘shivering and shaking’ in the shadow of Verity on Saturday.

They were creating their own version of the ‘Harlem Shake’, a YouTube craze in the ‘Gangnam Style’ vein, which received a whopping 2,500 hits on the video website in less than 24 hours.

TDK Lambda employees Nick Marsh, Nick Heighington and Tim Broxholme were discussing the latest ‘viral’ fad on Friday and decided it would be fun to stage their own Harlem Shake video in Ilfracombe.

The video formula features an excerpt from the song Harlem Shake by Baauer, with a costumed figure dancing alone in a crowd that isn’t paying any attention to them – 15 seconds later the video cuts to the entire crowd dancing like crazy.

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“The turn out was excellent when you consider the group was formed at 9pm on Friday, which left just the Saturday for people to prepare. The hardest part was getting someone who could film it, and thank you Stuart Nottage,” said Nick Marsh.

“The weather was thankfully dry but painfully cold. Everyone taking part, including children of all ages, had a great time going completely mental for a couple of minutes.”

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* Watch the Harlem Shake on Ilfracombe Pier by clicking on the video here.

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