A South Molton school welcomes four rescue birds from the British Hen Welfare Trust

A clutch of former battery hens have found their new home at a South Molton Community Primary School.

The school has adopted four chickens from the South Molton-based British Hen Welfare Trust and they will help form part of the children’s learning.

Members of South Molton Men’s Shed group gave up their time to build a new chicken coop for the school, some using their previous engineering experience

Men’s Shed groups are organisations for sharing skills, helping community projects and socialising.

South Molton primary pupils with some of the first eggs from their new chickens.South Molton primary pupils with some of the first eggs from their new chickens.

The endeavour was very much a group effort as some of the children also helped to transport the chicken run through the school.

Headteacher Tom Parkin wanted the children to look after chickens as it was one of the challenges on the 100 Challenge Award the school is taking part in, which is 100 non-curriculum activities they want the children to do while they are in school.

Mr Parkin said: “We really wanted chickens for awhile but we could not do it ourselves so these guys really helped put it together. Each class will take turns in going out to look after them.”

The children are full of enthusiasm and have already begun collecting some of the eggs which the school hopes to sell to parents.

Barry Gouldbourne, of South Molton Men’s Shed member added: “We are enabling people to do things and they are enabling us to get involved as well.

“South Molton is an amazing town, it’s the right size to have a character and the people feel that it’s a community.”

South Molton Men’s Shed is a social project group that meets every Wednesday at the Scout Hut by the cattle market car park from 10am-12noon. New members are welcome to just turn up, or call Colin Holmes on 01769 572921.