Major flooding averted by a whisker at Allenstyle as drain overflows.

RESIDENTS at a Fremington estate fear the next deluge of rain after they came within inches of being flooded on Wednesday night.

Water poured from a drain at the top of Allenstyle Close ‘like a river’ following the early evening torrential rain.

Local County Councillor Frank Biederman was called to the scene by residents in time to film and photograph the torrents of water flooding down the road.

“It was running like a river down into Allenstyle Gardens, within an inch of three or four of the houses there,” he said.

“According to residents it is the forth or fifth time this has happened this year. The Environment Agency and South West Water need to get their act together – if you look at the road in Allenstyle Gardens it looks like the third world, all the surface has been washed away.

“The county council won’t repair it because they say it’s not dangerous.”

Mr Biederman said he feared what could happen at the weekend, with more heavy rain forecast.

Update: Devon County Council said the drain was inspected yesterday (Thursday), found to be blocked and has since been cleared.