VIDEO: Bee swarm sets up home on garden bench

Bees invade Braunton garden and drive residents indoors

A swarm of bees that descended on a quiet apartment block in Braunton yesterday (Thursday) left residents shocked as they obscured their small shared garden and covered the windows of their homes.

The homeless honey bees apparently chose the garden bench as their new home and while the windows of all properties at Threave Apartments were kept tightly closed, a beekeeper was sought to remove the uninvited guests.

“There were thousands of them at the front of our house yesterday evening,” said Heather McLeod, whose flat overlooks the garden.

“It was like that film The Swarm and was actually quite scary. They filed the whole of the garden and my windows were covered in them – but it was fascinating and the humming sounded like a helicopter.”

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The swarming season is from April to July and honey bees swarm when they are looking for a new site to form a colony – unfortunately their choice of a new home under the garden bench was not greeted with approval by residents.

So local beekeeper Gerald Walters was contacted and he agreed to come out and collect the swarm, which is now settling into its new home alongside other bee hives at Gerald’s home in Combe Martin.

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