Actor from Barnstaple spent seven months enlisting the help of various celebrities to help with proposal.

A Barnstaple man with a contacts book of celebrities gave his future wife a shock when he proposed to her with a star-studded video.

Adam Joy, 33, who is from Barnstaple but now lives in Bristol, started putting together the video for his partner Maggie Frith, 31, in February.

Adam, an actor who works in television and theatre, lined up stars including Only Fools and Horses actor John Challis, rapper Coolio, singer Chesney Hawkes and gangster Dave Courtney.

“I did think it must look really suspicious how I kept taking secret phone calls or sneaking out to meet people and not telling Maggie,” said Adam.

After seven months of work, Adam posted the video – which has had more than 1,600 views - on Maggie’s Facebook wall and eagerly awaited her answer.

He said: “Maggie is the kind of person who doesn’t always go on Facebook, so I was worried it could be days before she saw it.

“But as people started liking the video I think her phone kept going off so she had a look – she was at work at the time.

“She kept me waiting the whole of the shift for her answer. I think she is used to me pulling stunts like this but she was still surprised.”

Luckily for Adam, Maggie said yes and the couple, who met over Sunday karaoke in the Olive Branch in Barnstaple two years ago, are now busy planning their wedding.

“A lot of the people involved in the proposal video now want to come to the wedding – it’s going to be a bit of an organisational mission,” said Adam.

“Hopefully we will have a few appearances and one of the celebs is even in talks about conducting the service.”