A crew from Holsworthy fire station were called out in the early hours of the morning after reports of a car fire. The matter is being dealt with by police.

Holsworthy firefighters were called out after a stolen four by four was 'maliciously set alight' in the early hours of this morning.

An engine was sent to Dunsland Woods, in Brandis Corner, Holsworthy, after a resident was woken up by a car alarm and alerted the service a vehicle was on fire.

Upon arrival shortly after 3.20am, the crew set to work wearing breathing apparatus and used a foam jet.

At 3.43am, fire control contacted the Environment Agency to check the foam being used to extinguish the fire would have any environmental impact. Police arrived on scene shortly after 4am.

A fire service spokesman said: "Crews have now confirmed that the quantity of foam was small and there was no environmental impact. Crews also confirmed that this was a stolen vehicle, maliciously set light to and abandoned. The fire was extinguished using concentrated foam, two firefighters wearing breathing apparatus and small tools. The vehicle was 100 per cent severely damaged by the fire. The police are on scene and dealing with this."