Vaccinate badgers

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Let’s get it right. The farmers want to kill the badgers because they kill the cows by spreading TB and this will save the cows so the farmers can kill them for money.

Their dead bodies are then sliced into prime steaks and suchlike and the remaining fat and gristle are minced up and processed into sausages and burgers, bacon and blood pudding, more commonly known as black pudding, and then sold to children to increase their body mass and the farmers’ bank balance.

Are we off our heads? Is this the way to treat children?

I speak from experience. My father died from TB after the war, as did many others.

I watched my mother work every of the day to care for us, and to feed us the best she could whilst she suffered from abject poverty.

Society turned its back on her. She was widowed, alone.

Imagine my astonishment when years later extracts from the Official Secrets revealed a cover-up.

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My father had in fact died because farmers in the 1930s had cut back on their hygiene duties to save money, which resulted in 17 per cent of the milk being contaminated.

Contaminated with what from the back end of a cow, I can’t imagine. Never mind, drinka pinta milka day was the advice to the children.

My point is, do we allow our nuclear bombs to be in the hands of unregulated people?

Should our police only patrol the streets of the rich where they can be slipped a fiver?

Should doctors be allowed to choose who they treat or not?


Then why do we allow farmers to run around the countryside shooting wild birds and badgers just because they like shooting guns?

Do we really want to see wounded badgers writhing in agony in the green fields of England?

Oh yes. My father died from TB but you can get vaccinated for that now. So can the badgers. So can the cows.

TP Gidman


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