Update: Burrows rubbish is the ‘tip of the tip’

Experts now think sea may have breached former Burrows landfill site.

TEAMS examining fresh erosion at Northam Burrows believe that rubbish unearthed during this week’s high tides is that of the old landfill site.

Following initial investigations yesterday (Thursday), Torridge District Council said it was ‘unlikely’ that the rubbish had come from the old tip, used from the early 1940s to the mid 1990s.

But following further investigation with members of Devon County Council and the Environment Agency this morning, experts now believe that the sea may have breached part of the old dump.

A spokesperson from Torridge District Council said: “Initially we thought it was refuse that has been washed along the shoreline over time but following a bigger investigation today, we now think it’s the tip if the old tip.

“It’s not the main part of the Burrows but an area around the corner where the estuary narrows. The golf course is not under any threat.

“The rubbish exposed is a mixture of plastic bags and rolls of carpet; we don’t believe there is anything toxic there.

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“We will collect as much as we can and take it away today; the forecast for the weekend is not too bad in terms of high tides and storms.

“The various agencies will be meeting up next week to discuss what options there are going forward.

“They will be discussing a number of suggestions, including extending the rock armour to dissipate the energy of the waves and reduce their erosion of the sand dunes.”

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