Unfair petrol prices

Last Thursday it was announced in the national press that Asda intended to reduce the price of unleaded petrol by 2p to 131.7 pence per litre.

Other major supermarkets were quoted as stating they would follow Asda’s lead, however a drive around Barnstaple last Friday lunchtime showed the cheapest price per litre of unleaded petrol in the area was 134.9 pence still 3.2 pence per litre dearer than Asda.

A search of petrol prices on the internet this afternoon (Sunday) showed Asda at 131.7 pence per litre with the cheapest in Barnstaple at 134.9 pence and Bideford at 133.8 pence per litre.

Why is it our local supermarkets charge us so much more per litre of petrol than Asda? Surely this is another reason for Asda being allowed to build a supermarket in Barnstaple in addition to removing the existing unsightly appearance of the Leaderflush Shapland site.

Robin Harman, Roundswell

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