Tyco all over again?

I sat through the two-hour council meeting about the Knapp development and would like to make a few points in relation to Appledore shipyard.

After losing Tyco due to a boardroom decision taken in America I would hate to see another similar thing if Babcock close Appledore shipyard – which may well happen if the marina development goes ahead.

There are two main reasons as discussed at the Torridge District Council planning meeting.

Firstly, to make the marina anything like viable they will need to dig it six metres deep.

This will alter the water table and is likely to cause flooding of the dry dock where they build the ships.

This is not nimbyism: this was stated by the council’s own environmental officer.

Second is noise complaints. I do live within sight of the shipyard and often hear it at night. It is like living in sight of a dual carriageway in terms of noise.

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As a local businessman, and having friends who work there, I am happy to endure it as I know how important it is.

New people in the marina village will not be so understanding, especially if they are using them as holiday rental homes.

Complaints will ensue and TDC will be obliged to take action. This could lead to enforced reduced output at the yard and a decision to move work to Babcock Plymouth.

The public needs to know that the marina does not equal jobs, it equals another Tyco happening at the shipyard.

Gareth Cross


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