Police salute 12,000 revellers who enjoyed an arrest-free Somersault, with few crimes reported

There were no arrests at a ‘good natured’ Somersault Festival but police report someone did make off with two entire tents.

From a policing perspective the event was a success, according to Inspector Roger Bartlett, who said the thousands of people on site made the best of what were very difficult conditions with the weather.

Two people were dealt with for possession of cannabis and three thefts were reported, including the theft of a woman’s handbag containing £650 in cash and an expensive mobile phone.

Towards the end of the festival two complete tents were stolen, one on the Monday between 12.30am-2pm, which was empty.

Another tent and its contents were taken sometime overnight on the Sunday and Monday.

But Insp Bartlett said there were no arrests or reported disorder that led to arrests: “I take my hat off to those that endured the weekend and made the best of it,” he said.

“Because of extreme weather and issues with parking and vehicle movements there will be a lot of learning from this year.

“It’s very difficult with a new site to work out how it will react to the conditions.”