New survey from Talkwalker claims more people in the county are talking about leaving the EU than want to remain

A survey has found almost two thirds of Devon people talking about the EU referendum on social media are for Brexit.

The survey by Talkwalker showed 60 per cent of social media posts from Devonians called for Britain to leave the EU, with 39 per cent to remain.

Devon is ranked fifth on the list of counties likely to vote 'leave', while Lancashire is in first place with almost 80 per cent opting for Brexit.

National Twitter figures from the survey revealed that across the UK in the past week, leave hashtags proved more popular than remain ones, at 58 to 42 per cent.

The UK-wide social media figures according to Talkwalker showed 61.2 per cent of Brexit related conversations and hashtags advocated 'leave' and 38.8 per cent 'remain'.

Talkwalker CEO Robert Glaesener said: "Social posts are the modern advocacy, empowering people to express a gut view.

"They provide real time evidence of people's intentions and are taken increasingly seriously.

"Today, national polls disagree but grassroots voices in favour of leaving the EU outnumber those advocating leave by a margin of 60 to 40 per cent."

The regional data was analysed from May 26-June 1 and nationally from May 3-31.

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