The 26-year-old man pleaded guilty to two counts of assault on New Year’s Day but said he could not remember anything.

A Barnstaple man put his future with the Army Reserve in jeopardy after an unprovoked attack on two men.

Carl Leach, 26, of Lethaby Road, pleaded guilty to two charges of assault, although he could not remember carrying out the attack.

The court heard in the early hours of New Year’s Day, Leach punched two men in the face outside The Tavern pub.

For the ‘unprovoked’ attacks he was fined £215 and ordered to pay £500 compensation to one victim and £200 to another.

Magistrates told him they had ‘strongly considered’ a community order, but opted for a fine as a result of letters of recommendation written by his employer and the Army Reserve.

He was also made to pay a £22 victim surcharge and £85 in costs.