Turbines stopped by the wind

SIR - Due to the high winds in Scotland during September, many wind farms were curtailed or stopped for parts of the day as follows: on the 11th Sept 2011, 11 wind farms; 12th Sept 2011, nine wind farms; 13th Sept, 2011 16 wind farms;.

These are undisputed government figures. Indeed, millions of pounds of money was still paid out to the owners of these wind farm; heads they win, and tails dear reader, you lose.

Thus with no, little, or too much wind, there is no power generation - what genius thought up this medieval means of attempting to generate a reliable source of power generation? It truly begs the question to the level of intelligence of our decision makers, and surely only the mentally challenged would base, or even consider a nation’s power generation to be placed at the mercy of the wind?

But there are plans for thousands more of these ludicrous, monstrous, ineffective (foreign) machines to be erected across the British countryside, not to mention all the necessary infrastructure such as sub-stations, pylons and power cables which will, without doubt, despoil our beautiful and irreplaceable countryside. The government should hang its head in shame and history will write of the biggest scam of the 21st Century.

Dave Haskell



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