Turbine ‘spread’

SIR - Wind turbines are the pylons of the 21st century. They clutter and litter beautiful landscapes (and seascapes), diabolical blots on the horizons of our countryside.

I, along with thousands of other people, visit your beautiful county every year. Imagine all this beauty with wind turbines sprinkled all over the landscape (including Dartmoor and Exmoor) like chicken pox on a young child?

Believe me, once they have erected a few around Barnstaple, they will spread like a disease all over the county.

The point is, each turbine generates such a small amount of power. In Kent, recently, they erected some, also offshore in the Thames Estuary. They only generate enough power for 350,000 homes which is only a couple of towns, population-wise. Was it worth the carbuncles on the horizon?

Fight for your stunning, beautiful landscape and if they go ahead, pull up the drawbridge and tell them enough is enough.

Caroline Parker,


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