High street retailer tReds, which has a store in Barnstaple High Street, has gone into administration.

The shoe and fashion chain, which hs 21 stores nationwide, went into administration on January 29.

No tReds stores have closed but it is understood 165 jobs could be at risk if the national chain was to close.

Ross Connock and Zelf Hussain of PwC were appointed as joint administrators of tReds LLP.

Ross Connock, PwC director and joint administrator, said: "The business has faced similar challenges to those seen across the retail sector, including changing consumer behaviour and economic uncertainty.

"This has resulted in reduced revenues across the store portfolio.

"Despite the best efforts of management, there was unfortunately no alternative but to place the Partnership into administration.

"All staff remain employed as normal and we are continuing to trade the business in the coming days while we assess the trading strategy and explore any interest in the business."