Town traders group together on social network

Newsagent hopes the new group will be ‘really powerful tool in bringing the town together.’

A SHOP owner has set up an online group to create a tighter network between traders in his town.

Darryn Allsopp, of Radfords newsagent’s, set up the ‘Bideford Town Centre Traders’ group on social networking site Facebook earlier this week.

Since its launch on Wednesday, Mr Allsopp has already gained more than 50 followers and met with the leader of Torridge District Council, Barry Parsons.

He said: “My hope for the group is that at the least we can all communicate with each other, and at the best we could make the town a better place.

“We could perhaps organise group things like have a sale throughout the town all on the same day, or something like that.

“It’s a great platform for people to communicate for free, without having to go to meetings or pay membership fees.

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“It would be great for us to eventually all meet up, but I think for starters this will be a really powerful tool in bringing the town together.

“If everybody joins the group, it will also make a great directory for the town if anybody is searching ‘Bideford’ on Facebook.”

Mr Radford set up the group after he had issues with the works on Jubilee Square, right outside of his business.

He said: “At least it means that if there are any problems like this again in the future, we can all group together in one place to discuss it.”

To join the group, click the link in the top right hand corner of the page.

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