Town is so shabby

I am writing in support of the letters from John Arden and “A very disappointed old Barumite” (Opinion, September 5).

I am a Barumite born and bred and am also saddened by the shabby and neglected appearance of Barnstaple. The maintenance of street furniture and helpful information signs is appalling. Litter bins are frequently overflowing, weeds grow in kerbs and pavements, and repair work to paths, particularly along the river front, is of a very low standard – and this is just the beginning of my list!

I am no longer proud of the town I was born in. Even our crowning glory – Barnstaple in Bloom – has been discontinued.

Do “serving you” councils ever walk around the town and see with their own eyes what is happening? It would be interesting to have a survey of the views of the people.

Which would they prefer? Mega-money spent on ugly projects like the “Stones” roundabout and the Strand and Square schemes, or an attractive, well-maintained town we can be proud of?

So come on all of you who are “serving us” – up your game!

Wendy Smith

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