Tourism is key, but council can’t see it

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What on earth is Torridge District Council playing at?

Firstly, the action, or complete lack of it, in relation to the erosion of the Burrows.

At the current rate of erosion, we will be lucky to have a Burrows, as we presently know it, in 10 years.

Notwithstanding the undermining of the former dump (recycling centre) and release of serious toxic waste, there will also be the loss of England’s oldest links golf course and an amenity that is central to the appeal of the area.

Tourism is absolutely paramount to this region and I get the distinct impression that TDC fails to recognise this.

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This has been demonstrated by the apparent lack of care in the presentation of the area witnessed by the influx of visitors over the recent half-term holidays.

No cutting of verges and grassy areas including the Heywood Road Roundabout (“Gateway to Torridge”) gives a disgraceful first impression – I would suggest that a haven for wildlife there is possibly misplaced.

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Dog waste bins have been overflowing – a potential health hazard apart from smelling and looking unsightly.

On the eve of one of the busiest weeks of the year what does TDC do? Close one of the gates to the Burrows and without consultation and notice!

When it realises the error of is ways (not before a community-spirited individual saws up said gate!) Torridge placates the agrieved locals and traders by making access to the Burrows free for 10 days!

At what cost? The loss of revenue for a beleaguered council attempting to raise monies by all means at their disposal would not have been insignificant.

The monies raised would also have been mainly from visitors from outside the area and an opportunity to maximise the good weather – brilliant!

We live in a beautiful part of the country and should be selling ourselves for repeat business.

Torridge, please, if closing the Westward Ho! gate is so essential – please SELL this idea to your people – if you don’t (and grounds of health and safety must be addressed?) then you are failing in your duties.

Let’s address the erosion now – not leave it for a future generation when the costs could become prohibitive. We don’t need another expensive survey – just some boulders and a JCB!

G Stone

Westward Ho!

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