North Devon is getting ready to welcome the Tour of Britain on Monday – but where are the best places to watch it?

From the grand finish in Barnstaple to the King of the Mountain climbs, there are some great spots to watch the Tour pass through.

South Molton Pannier Market

Watch Tour history being made as the cyclists pass indoors for the first time ever, through South Molton Pannier Market.

Get there early and grab a spot in the 2,000-seat grandstand. The lead cars will arrive at South Molton at 1.03pm and the pannier market at 1.05pm, with cyclists making the pannier market at 1.20pm.

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Landkey sprint

If you want to experience the thrill and speed of the Tour of Britain, the sprint section at Landkey is not one to be missed.

Lead cars will arrive at 1.25pm with the cyclists at 1.39pm, as they head from Swimbridge towards Barnstaple. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Newport Road, Barnstaple

The cyclists will zip down Newport Road on their way out towards the coast from Landkey, so why not line the streets and give them a wave?

They’re expected to reach Newport Road at 1.46pm and Victoria Road at 1.47pm, giving you plenty of time to leisurely wander over to The Square for the finish in just under two hours.

King of the Mountain in Bratton Fleming

The first King of the Mountain stage in North Devon is going to be quite something to witness at Bratton Fleming.

The lead cars will arrive at 1.46pm with the cyclists making their appearance at 2.01pm. It’s set to be a three-minute climb, so plenty of time for budding photographers to get some snaps.

Mullacott Hill, Ilfracombe

Ilfracombe is putting on plenty to celebrate the Tour of Britain passing through, and there will be flags for onlookers to wave.

Recommended viewing areas include all along the A361 from Hele to the war memorial, as well as the turning to Bicclescombe Park and the grass verge on Mullacott and outside of Cook Island.

The cyclists enter Ilfracombe at 2.33pm, make the High Street by 2.37pm and are expected to reach Mullacott Cross at 2.42pm.

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King of the Mountain in Woolacombe

The second King of the Mountain stage will be Challacombe Hill in Wolacombe, and promises quite a spectacle.

The King of the Mountain starts at 2.5pm (lead cars will arrive 2.37pm) and the fields either side will be given over to parking on one side, and cycling events on the other.

It should offer a great view of the hill climb, plus there will be food from the Pig and Olive and coffee and cakes from 51 Degrees North.

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Croyde to Saunton

If you want to watch the Tour whizz by with some stunning backdrops, the route from Croyde to Saunton is not one to be missed.

The cyclists will pass through Croyde (there will be a hog roast at The Stores) and viewers can line the Coast Path above the road to get a great view as they climb the winding hill towards Saunton.

The cyclists are expected to enter Croyde at 2.59pm from Georgeham, and reach Braunton by 3.09pm.

Exeter Road in Braunton

To see Braunton traffic-free will be quite something in itself! Park in the village and line Exeter Road to cheer the Tour as it passes through.

The lead cars will arrive at 2.54pm, with the cyclists expected at 3.09pm as they take on the last 10km of the race.

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Pottington Road, Barnstaple

Watch the cyclists as they complete the final few km heading into Barnstaple from Braunton along Pottington Road.

There will be plenty of good vantage points along this section of the route into the town.

Cyclists will reach Pottington at 3.19pm and Barnstaple by 3.21pm.

Finish line, The Strand, Barnstaple

If you want to get right in the thick of the celebrations there is only one place to be – the finish line in Barnstaple.

It’s set to be a roaring atmosphere, so get there early and secure a good spot as activities will be on all day.

The first cyclists are expected to reach the finish line, entering The Strand from the Civic Centre direction, at 3.24pm.

Full race times for the North Devon stage of the Tour of Britain:

11.15am: Start, Cranbrook.

12.55pm: 70.2km, Witheridge, 107.4km to go, lead cars arrive 12.40pm.

1.12pm: 82.2km, Alswear, 92.7km to go, lead cars 12.57pm.

1.18pm: 86.1km, South Molton, 88.8km to go, lead cars 1.03pm.

1.20pm: 87.9km, South Molton Pannier Market, 87km to go, lead cars 1.05pm.

1.22pm: 89.1km, B3226 Barnstaple Road, lead cars 1.07pm.

1.27pm: 92.6km, Stags Head, Filleigh, lead cars 1.12pm.

1.36pm: 99km, Swimbridge, 75.9km to go, lead cars 1.21pm.

1.39pm: 101.4km, Landkey, lead cars 1.25pm.

1.40pm: 102.1km, Landkey sprint.

1.46pm: 105.7km, Newport Road, Barnstaple, 69.2km to go, lead cars 1.31pm.

1.47pm: 106.6km, A39 Victoria Road, Barnstaple, lead cars 1.32pm.

1.48pm: 107.7km, Goodleigh Road, Barnstaple, lead cars 1.33pm.

1.51pm: 109.7km, Snapper, lead cars 1.36pm.

1.56pm: 112.7km, King of the Mountain start.

2.01pm: 116.8km, Bratton Fleming, 58.1km to go, lead cars 1.46pm.

2.04pm: King of the Mountain end.

2.06pm: 119.7km, A399, lead car 1.51pm

2.20pm: 130.1km, Combe Martin, 44.8km to go, lead cars 2.05pm.

2.33pm: 139.1km, Ilfracombe, 35.8km to go, lead cars 2.18pm.

2.37pm: 141.7km, Ilfracombe High Street, lead cars 2.22pm.

2.42pm: 145.3km, Mullacott Cross (B3343), 29.6km to go, lead cars 2.27pm.

2.47pm: 149km, Woolacombe, lead cars 2.32pm.

2.52pm: 152.2 King of the Mountain start, Challacombe Hill, 22.8km to go, lead cars 2.37pm.

2.57pm: 155.8km, Georgeham, 19.1km to go, lead cars 2.42pm.

2.59pm: 157.3km, Croyde, 17.6km to go, lead cars 2.44pm.

3.09pm: 164.4km, Braunton, 10.5km to go, lead cars 2.54pm.

3.13pm: 167.1km, Wrafton, lead cars 2.58pm.

3.19pm: 171.3km, Pottington, Barnstaple, 3.6km to go, lead cars 3.04pm.

3.21pm: 172.6kim, Barnstaple, lead cars 3.06pm.

3.23pm: 173.9km, Rolle Street, Barnstaple, one km to go, lead cars 3.08pm.

3.24pm: Finish, 174.9km, The Strand, Barnstaple, lead cars 3.09pm.

Please note, expected arrival times of riders are based on an average speed of 42kph and may vary.

Road closures and parking restrictions will be in place along the route.