Restaurant to install digital order points and extra drive through lane

Futuristic touchscreen order points are to be installed at the McDonald’s restaurant in Eastern Avenue, Barnstaple.

The new digital kiosks – installed in only 100 UK restaurants so far – are designed to cut waiting times and will enable diners to customise their orders.

The new screens will also be installed in the new Bideford restaurant, set to open next month.

Plans have also been submitted to add a second drive through lane at the restaurant, which first opened in the town in 1993.

Franchise holder David Hunt, who is set to open his sixth restaurant in Bideford on October 21, said: “This is part of another four-year programme to invest in all my restaurants.

“The Roundswell store is due to be upgraded in 2017.”

Subject to planning permission, work to double the drive through at Eastern Avenue will start on October 17. The restaurant will close from November 2 to 17.

Mr Hunt, who last month signed a second 20-year franchise deal with McDonald’s that will expire in 2038, added: “The opening of the Bideford restaurant will take us up to 500 staff across all six sites.

“We need to employ a further 70 people and anyone interested can apply for a job online.”