Town won’t be left without permanent cash machine after new providers come forward

Torrington won't be left without a 24-hour ATM, despite the closure of the town's last remaining bank.

The town's Lloyds Bank branch closed in June, making it difficult for residents to obtain cash locally.

Torridge District Council has received two applications for 24 hour ATMs, with one in the BT kiosk in South Street and another in the shop front of Duffy's Home Hardware.

The council's planning officers and support team approved the BT application in the shortest possible time period - the day after a 21-day consultation period ended.

Councillor Cathrine Simmons said: "The lack of a town centre ATM is a serious threat to the viability of the town, which has already seen a decrease in footfall as have many towns.

"Its great that our officers were able to give this application extra focus to help the towns people towards overcoming the hurdle of losing their only town centre ATM.

"We hope that BT will now be able to forge ahead with the installation which will be a big boost for local traders and shoppers and a great team effort.

"I understand that a further application to install an ATM in the frontage of a hardware store in the High Street has also been received this week which is also great news."

Lloyds announced they would be closing the Torrington branch and four others in North Devon back in January.

Torridge District Council leader Jane Whittaker wrote to Lloyds' CEO over the closures and said the move would have a 'very detrimental affect on businesses in and around the town'.