The keen young photographer from Torrington has a strong interest in reptiles and amphibians - shown through this selection of his favourite photos.

This stunning set of wildlife photographs have been submitted to our iwitness24 website - all taken by a 14-year-old.

Harry Rogers, from Torrington, has always been enthused by the natural world, and has captured some fantastic close-ups.

His main focus is amphibians and reptiles, which stems from his Dad being a reptile breeder.

Harry said: “My favourites were always the scaly and slimy.

Think I heard something... Picture: Harry RogersThink I heard something... Picture: Harry Rogers

“Since I was old enough to do so, I was catching frogs and slow worms in my garden and observing them.

“As I got older I became more serious about my hobby and started to go out nature watching with my dad, friends or even on my own.

“Being able to just go out and look where you want and go wherever you want opened up a whole new world or herpetology, ecology and even photography.”

Harry looked to his idols on Instagram to hone his photography skills, and at Christmas was excited to receive a camera.

Looking serious. Picture: Harry RogersLooking serious. Picture: Harry Rogers

He said: “Summer went by after me having the best year of my life of nature watching, especially after finding my first adder in May 2016 at Braunton Burrows.

“Then Christmas came and my parents bought me as my main present, a Canon 700d with a tamron 90mm lens.

“The first picture I took was a scale shot of my royal python, and I was amazed by the quality.”

Harry has opted to take photography at GCSE and is now posting photos every day on his reptile-themed Instagram account, @british_herper20000.

Natural shapes. Picture: Harry RogersNatural shapes. Picture: Harry Rogers

He added: “I am hoping that I end up in a career as an adult being a herpetologist or even an ecologist.

“My main inspiration of documenting my findings was Sir David Attenborough who I have always looked up to.”

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Waiting to strike. Picture: Harry RogersWaiting to strike. Picture: Harry Rogers

Looking smooth! Picture: Harry RogersLooking smooth! Picture: Harry Rogers

What a lovely lady. Picture: Harry RogersWhat a lovely lady. Picture: Harry Rogers

Make a wish. Picture: Harry RogersMake a wish. Picture: Harry Rogers

Striking form. Picture: Harry RogersStriking form. Picture: Harry Rogers

I will get to the top. Picture: Harry RogersI will get to the top. Picture: Harry Rogers

Waiting for a meal. Picture: Harry RogersWaiting for a meal. Picture: Harry Rogers

Stunning. Picture: Harry RogersStunning. Picture: Harry Rogers

Leaf lines. Picture: Harry RogersLeaf lines. Picture: Harry Rogers

You looking at me? Picture: Harry RogersYou looking at me? Picture: Harry Rogers